Sport Industry NextGen Leaders debate data protection and human rights’ place in sport


This year’s Sport Industry NextGen Leaders took on the first of two visits to Howard Kennedy as part of the Sport Industry NextGen Leadership Package, receiving a first-hand account on data protection and GDPR, ahead of 25 May, when the new regulations come into force.

Taking place at Howard Kennedy's London Bridge office, the Sport Industry NextGen Leaders listened and discussed with data experts from Howard Kennedy, covering the top ten things that everyone needs to know about the new regulations and how it could impact them, their businesses, their processes and their customers.

The group then separated into two in order to debate human rights’ role in sport, arguing for and against the position of the house in a spirited debate between the two sides.

Lois Langton, joint Head of Sport at Howard Kennedy, added:

Partner and Joint Head of Sport Lois Langton
It was great to welcome the Sport Industry NextGen Leaders to Howard Kennedy's office for an engaging afternoon of knowledge sharing, debating and networking. This year's Leaders show a real passion for their career in sport and raised some interesting points in the debate on how human rights play a role in sport.

“We look forward to seeing these future leaders grow and develop their skills from the various opportunities offered throughout the Leadership Package this year.
Partner and Joint Head of Sport Lois Langton

The 30 Sport Industry NextGen Leaders for 2018 will experience a variety of opportunities throughout this year’s Leadership Package, which will include a trip to Barclays' global headquarters in Canary Wharf, a leadership workshop from Loughborough University London, a 24-hour experience with IDG at Sandhurst, and a membership to the Sport Industry Breakfast Club, as well as further legal insight from Howard Kennedy.

The free to enter programme aims to discover the rising industry stars, who receive a dedicated Leadership Package to better equip them for future leadership roles, including a business support package, regular professional networking opportunities and personal development and mentoring.

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