Landlords beware - are you a "Heat Supplier”?

If so, compliance with new regulations is required. Potential criminal liability from 30th April 2015.

The supply of heat, cooling or hot water to a building by landlords could be caught by new regulations.

Typical situations that will be affected are residential accommodation with a single heat source supplying several flats or bedsits, sublet space such as gyms or restaurants in hotels or concessions in shops or multi let office buildings with communal services.

The Regulations deal with the sale of heating, cooling or hot water either through a Communal Heat Network or a District Heat Network where the Final Customer must have a direct financial arrangement with a Heat Supplier to provide these services to them and must pay them for such provision.

The supply of heat cooling or hot water must be made either through a District Heat Network or a Communal Heat Network. The Regulations only cover thermal energy in the form of steam, hot water or chilled liquids so air conditioning systems relying on local compressors or purely ducted air are NOT affected by the Regulations.

So what do Heat Suppliers have to do? Download our publication below for everything you need to know and to understand how you can keep compliant with the new regulations.

Heat Supplier - Are you compliant? Click to download.

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