Howard Kennedy supports Good Divorce Week

Campaign to minimise the impact of divorce conflict on children

Howard Kennedy is proud to support Good Divorce Week, a campaign aiming to provide practical help for separating parents and remove blame from the divorce process.

A recent YouGov poll commissioned by Resolution, the organisation leading this campaign, highlights these issues.

  • 79% of the population agreed conflict from divorce or separation can affect negatively children’s mental health, a figure rising to 87% among those who experienced their parents’ divorce as children
  • 79% of the public support measures that would remove blame from the divorce process
  • 71% believing change is urgently needed to reduce the negative impact on children.

Currently, unless a couple can prove they’ve been separated for two years with consent or five years without, the only way to get a divorce is to attribute blame or rely on adultery. Around 60% of divorces in England and Wales are based on fault, compared with only 6-7% in Scotland where the law is different.

Having to show fault can increase the conflict between the couple and make it more difficult to sort out child and financial arrangements. Urgent reform is needed to remove blame from the process to reduce the negative impact of conflict on children.

Head of Family Law Lois Langton
As Resolution members we are committed to reducing conflict, agreeing to a non-confrontational way of working that puts the best interests of children first.

Many couples are surprised that they cannot just cite irreconcilable differences or say they’ve grown apart. Current law makes it harder to reduce conflict, Resolution has been campaigning for decades to remove blame from the divorce process and Good Divorce Week highlights this ongoing issue.
Head of Family Law Lois Langton

To find out more about the Good Divorce Week please visit Resolution's website or contact the Family team