Call to axe Entrepreneurs tax

This was a topic raised at the PCD Business Breakfast Panel session on Entrepreneurs and Exit Planning we hosted at our offices on 11 September. In our experience those who benefit from entrepreneurs relief have invested significant time, energy and capital and frequently taken on significant risk in building their businesses. The other beneficiaries of the relief tend to be employees of those businesses who have frequently taken shares or employee share options in exchange for more modest pay and benefits; helping support the business's growth and development when cash resources may be in short supply. Owner managed businesses are the lifeblood of the British Economy; they reportedly employ over 16 million people and contribute to the Government's coffers through corporation tax and employers' National Insurance Contributions. The people they employ also pay income tax and NICs and their spending contributes to the whole economy. Owner managed businesses are more agile and are driving innovation in this Country – with the uncertainty that surrounds Brexit we want our entrepreneurs and family business owners investing and growing their businesses…

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About Howard Kennedy

About Howard Kennedy

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